About ATS

“Ad Susceptum Perficiendum” – “In order to achieve what has been undertaken.”

  • The objectives of the ATS are to foster and promote education throughout Zimbabwe by:
  • working closely with Ministry of Education in all aspects of mutual concern;
  • discussing matters concerning policy and administration and encouraging co-operation between Governing Bodies;
  • expressing the views of Governing Bodies of Trust Schools matters and taking such action as may deem expedient;
  • acting as an advisory body on all matters of concern to members of the Association.
  • advising on and promoting teacher training, recruitment and professional development;The ATS is run by an Executive Committee drawn from the Governing Bodies of member schools and representatives of CHISZ. It maintains a staffed office in Harare in the grounds of Chisipite Senior School.

The ATS has instituted three Associations linked to the work:

  • ATSP – the Association of Trust Schools Parents’ Association
  • ATST – the Association of Trust Schools Teachers’ Association
  • ATSB – the Association of Trust Schools Bursars’ Association