“Quod Susceptum Perfectum” – “What has been undertaken has been achieved.”
CHISZ members are Heads of ATS member schools. The Conference seeks to preserve the independence of its member schools to serve the democratic society from which that independence derives.

CHISZ believes that the five core tenets of independence are the right of a school to:

  • follow its own distinctive mission (including its particular ethos, faith and philosophy);
  • determine its learner admission and promote policies;
  • choose its curriculum and exit examinations;
  • determine how it will be governed, financed and staffed;
  • manage its operations.

CHISZ also believes that the independent schools need to be responsible to their stakeholders and society at large, and must act ethically within the relevant constitutional and legal frameworks. In the interests of the public good, our schools seek to contribute to the development of quality education for all children in Zimbabwe.