A school that wishes to become a member of ATS will be required to meet the following criteria:

As stated in the ATS Constitution:

  • It is a school, whether owned by a Trust, Association, religious or charitable body or a company, registered in terms of the Education Act as a non-governmental school in Zimbabwe, being one that is not administered and controlled by government or by any organ or level of government
  • It is effectively independent of control by any body other than its Governing Body;
  • It does not carry on and will not carry on its activities for any acquisition of profit by the school, its Governing Body or any member thereof or its owner;

In addition, the following criteria must be met:

  • It must have been in operation at the senior level of the school (i.e. either Grade 7 or Upper 6) for two complete years and proven to have sound financial management, strong educational results and a broad curriculum
  • It must provide a certificate of Registration with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
  • It must provide a copy of the Constitution of its Governing Body/Trust and a list of the Board of Governors with a brief resume of each
  • Contracts are provided for all staff members
  • The Board of Governors does not interfere with the day-to-day running of the school and will present itself for a Governance Workshop.
  • Termly subscriptions will be made timeously
  • The Head and Governors must attend regional CHISZ or ATS meetings as well as the national Conference and thus contribute to the development of the organisation.


  • It has a school Mission that fits within the Mission of ATS
  • It is committed to a holistic education for all its pupils
  • Its accounts are independently audited and approved annually
  • Its results are published annually
  • It follows a suitable curriculum
  • Its buildings and facilities are of an acceptable high standard with clear development plans
  • It shows a commitment to professional development
  • It is willing to subscribe to and abide by the Code of Ethics, the Charter for Sport and all other policies of ATS
  • It is assessed independently to the standards required by ATS.
  • It shows it can bring something positive to the existing members
  • Its Head is suitably qualified and experienced
  • Its Governing Body shows good employment practice


Schools that do not fit such criteria to become full members may be able to be non-voting Associate members if they meet the following criteria, as stated in the ATS Constitution:

  • any other properly constituted organisation of non-governmental and non-profit schools, whether in Zimbabwe or foreign;
  • the governing body of any foreign school which would, if in Zimbabwe, qualify as a Trust School;
  • an Honorary member – any individual, nominated by ATS Exco, who has given significant service in and to the private education sector or the Association and is endorsed for such membership at an Annual General Meeting