Ats Professional Development Sponsorship

In “Promoting Educational Excellence in Independent Schools in Zimbabwe” ATS places a great deal of emphasis on professional development.

ATS as an organisation welcomes any form of sponsorship that our partners in the business world might choose to provide in covering the costs of any of our important Workshops. Presently the cost of the Conferences / workshops is met by the schools or the delegates themselves. The ideal would be if all such costs could be met from sponsorship.

ATS has been running a number of annual Conferences and workshops to date:

  • Heads’ Conference (4 days)
  • Deputy Heads’ Conference (2 days)
  • Sports Directors Conference (2 days)
  • Counsellors’ Workshop (1 day)
  • Bursars’ seminar (1 day)
  • In addition, ATS has begun a series of seven workshops on School Leadership for Future Heads (2 pa)

This past year ATS started holding a number of annual Conferences / workshops

  • P.A.s’ workshop (1 day)
  • Chaplains’ workshop (1 day)
  • Career Counsellors’ workshop (1 day)

This coming year ATS is planning to host the following workshops / conferences as annual events:

  • Housemasters (1 day)
  • Directors of Studies (1 day)
  • Heads of Department (1 day)
  • San Sisters (1 day)
  • Librarians (1 day)
  • Estate Managers (1 day)
  • Parents’ conference (2 day)
  • Teachers’ conference (2 day)

Any assistance in any or all of these areas will be greatly appreciated.