One of the strongest hallmarks of ATS schools is the commitment to an holistic education, to develop the whole child.

On the cultural side, most schools will have a thriving musical and dramatic


The National Institute of Allied Arts has a long and distinguished history of developing the cultural side of young people’s lives.

The N I A A – helping drive Zimbabwe’s vibrant arts into the future Imagine our world without the enrichment brought to us daily through the arts in their many forms! Keeping them alive from one generation to the next requires the nurturing of the budding artistry in children from a young age. The provision of skills, structures and spaces to maintain the enthusiasm and focus will ensure the love and practice of the art form which captures the children’s attention – for a lifetime.

Over a century ago in Bulawayo, it was with this in mind that our founders created The Society for the Advancement of Music and Art, later named The National Institute of Allied Arts. Following the First one-day festival in May 1913, the Institute’s dedicated volunteers have, through the decades, stewarded, nurtured and expanded its ambit; it has grown and matured into today’s well-oiled machine. The NIAA forms a hub and creative ‘factory’ around which generations of young people have fine-tuned their artistic skills, discovered their talents and developed the discipline needed to become tomorrow’s artists.

The Institute’s four annual events, namely The Vocal and Instrumental Eisteddfod in March, the Speech & Drama, Literary and Visual Arts festivals in June and July, are pivotal for the moulding of tomorrow’s up-and-coming artists by devoted teachers. They provide enjoyable and important goals upon which to focus artistic attention, practice and discipline. Achievements through the Institute’s certificates, awards and trophies annually, bring pleasure, pride and a measure of artistic progress through the years. Each festival culminates in a concert or exhibition of outstanding entries, providing the public with the opportunity to sample and enjoy these art forms.”