School Sport and Culture news

ATS schools play a big part in the life of Zimbabwe.

As a result, many people who do not have children at school any more are still interested to know what is happening at the schools. Many people turn out to watch school sport or school plays even when they do not have a child taking part. Many people are very loyal to their school and want to keep in touch with all that is happening there even after they have left school.

All ATS schools will keep their parent body well informed with regard to all the activities of their own school through various mediums – newsletters, twitter feeds, facebook, group chats, e-mails, website, school communicator.

However, there are a number of agencies who, like ATS, are keen to present the bigger picture, not just in terms of sharing more than just sport (but also academic and cultural activities) but also in terms of hearing of more than one school’s activities.

In addition, these agencies are extremely valuable to the ATS schools as increasingly school leavers who wish to apply for university scholarships or even for work placements rely on ‘proof’ on the internet of their achievements and these networks provide such a ‘history’ for many youngsters.

This provides a weekly update of all that is happening in many ATS schools around the country, by sending out weekly e-mails as well as running a website, a facebook page and youtube videos.

This agency provides a weekly update with photos, videos, interviews of youngsters making their mark in school sports.
You can stay in the picture with all that is happening in ATS schools in Zimbabwe.