Social services

ATS schools are not simply interested in the academic development of their pupils – they are not simply interested in the academic, sporting and cultural dimensions of the pupils’ lives. They are concerned for the whole child, within and beyond school, and to that degree ATS seeks to link with and support organisations that seek to educate, protect and sustain our children.

Many youngsters in school are allowed to drive but need to be reminded of their responsibilities in so doing. ZIMPACT is particularly concerned with one aspect of this.



  • Create greater awareness of the consequences of driving drunk or dangerously
  • Engage relevant authorities to play their part in making our roads safer
  • Work with schools, businesses and the wider community to generate support for and involvement in Zimpact (as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Educate and influence young Zimbabweans based on trust, respect and fun through the introduction of alternative entertainment – impacting the youth


Many youngsters in Zimbabwe face difficult situations including the fact that many parents are outside the country earning much-needed money to pay for their child’s education. Most ATS schools have a trained Counsellor within the school but sometimes it is helpful for youngsters to relate to professionals outside the school

“Childline is a free, confidential counselling service for all children below the age of 18 years.

Childline is a child-focused, not-for-profit, apolitical, non-denominational, registered Private Voluntary Organisation (registration number PVO 7/2001) that provides therapeutic andeducational services to children regardless of their socio-economic status or  geographic location.

Childline’s aim is to listen to, comfort and protection all children in Zimbabwe.

Childline’s mission is:

To respond to all children in distress, to counsel, comfort and protect all children in Zimbabwe through the provision of a free confidential 24 hour child helpline, free postal service and Drop-in Advice Centres.”