Special Education

Over the years, as research has continued, a greater understanding has been gained of the difficulties that pupils face in their learning. At the same time, ATS schools have increasingly accepted children of all academic abilities and have sought to provide them with appropriate assistance in the learning process.

Over the years, more and more specialised training has become available for helping children with learning difficulties and now most ATS schools will have a Support for Learning Department or Remedial Teachers. However, all ATS schools benefit greatly from outside assistance in various ways.


With the development of numerous different tests, it is now easier to determine where pupils may have a problem and where they have special abilities and interests. These all become important factors in choosing subjects to be taken. ATS schools take advantage of the increasing number of trained Educational Psychologists within Zimbabwe to help them assess how pupils can learn most effectively.

Trained Educational Psychologists can provide the necessary qualifications for a child to be granted special treatment for public examinations (extra time; scribe; reader; use of laptop etc.) ATS has developed a close link with many of these Educational Psychologists.


The ATS schools have formed their own association of Remedial Teachers who provide regular workshops for all those involved with teaching youngsters with learning difficulties. These workshops provide much-needed and helpful input as well as invaluable opportunities for mutual support and encouragement.