Sports associations

The ATS schools play a significant role in education in Zimbabwe, not least in providing valuable and valued alternatives, in terms of curricular subjects and sporting opportunities, while also taking some of the weight of educating every child in the land off the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.


ATS is committed to work to fulfil the objectives of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
All ATS schools are registered with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and play their part at individual school, District, Regional and National level, participating in workshops, leading workshops, providing assistance.

Vision: Our vision is to be the leading provider of quality education, sports, arts and culture, for the development of united, well educated Zimbabweans who are patriotic, balanced, competitive, self reliant and cherish the values of unhu/ ubuntu.

Mission: To promote and facilitate the provision of high quality, inclusive and relevant Early Childhood Development (ECD) Primary and Secondary Education, Life Long and Continuing Education, Sport, Arts and Culture.