ATSB is the Association of Trust Schools Bursars’ association (formerly known as the ISBA, Independent Schools’ Bursars’ Association) that serves to bring together the Bursars of ATS schools to enable them to share ideas, practices, concerns and information.

The Constitution of the ATSB states that its purpose is:

“The collection and dissemination of information for the purpose of promoting the highest administrative efficiency in the organization of school and educational  establishments and, without prejudice to the generality thereof, the doing of all such other things to the extent to which they are incidental to the attainment of such primary object.”

The ATS schools’ Bursars meet in their different regions on a termly basis with their Chairperson being their representative on the ATSB Committee.

The ATSB Committee for 2015 consists of the following members:

  • ChairpersonMark WhittakerPeterhouse Schools
  • Harare (Senior)Kuda NcubeArundel School
  • Harare (Junior)Nathan MudzamiriLusitania School
  • Mashonaland EastSimbarashe MtumaWatershed School
  • MatabelelandJo de SantosGirls College
  • MidlandsAsuya TafirenyikaMidlands Christian
  • Rural AllianceMaria WarinderLendy Park
  • South EasternCarrol LotzeMvurachena

The ATSB Chairperson is a non-voting member of the CHISZ Standing Committee.