ATST is the Association of Trust Schools Teachers association that serves to bring teachers together
to enable them to share ideas in order to improve as professionals in Zimbabwe, as part of ATS’s
commitment to promote educational excellence in Independent schools.

The Constitution of the ATST states that its purpose is:

  • “To foster the professional growth of teachers and advance the standard of the teaching profession;
  • To promote communication within the profession and to the public;
  • To promote the advancement of Independent education in Zimbabwe;
  • To cooperate actively with recognised individuals and organisations connected with education;
  • To promote better understanding of educational issues among teachers and lay citizens;
  • To provide advice on the handling of grievances.”

The ATST Committee for 2017-2018 consists of the following members:

Chairperson Julie Madzudzo Hillcrest Prep School
Vice Chairman Goodwill Chirimuuta Lomagundi College
Secretary Edgar Nxumalo Bryden Country School
Committee Member Barbra Dean St Georges College
Committee Member Kate Ferreira Sharon School
Committee Member Itai Kondo Itai Kondo
Committee Member Tafadzwa Chindanya Kyle Prep
Committee Member Harriet Rinashe Peterhouse Girls
Committee Member Fungai Goldridge


ATST 2016-2017