Promoting Educational Excellence in Independent Schools
The ATS in partnership with CHISZ seeks to [among others] promote relevant, high-quality learning programmes for the development of the mind, body and spirit.
The objectives of the ATS are to foster and promote education throughout Zimbabwe by [among others] advising on and promoting teacher training, recruitment and professional development.

As part of the on-going Vision, Mission and Objectives of ATS, a number of courses and workshops will be organised by ATS during this year.

These courses will include:

  • The annual HEADS’ CONFERENCE – September 9 th to 14 th , Troutbeck, Nyanga
  • The annual DEPUTY HEADS’ SEMINAR – March 4 th to 5 th –
  • The annual SPORTS DIRECTORS’ CONFERENCE – September – Harare

SCHOOL LEADERSHIP WORKSHOPS for Future Heads will continue to be held this year with the workshops covering the following areas:

  • Number 4 – Navigating the Legal and Financial Minefield in Education – in Harare, Bulawayo and Masvingo – dates to be confirmed
  • Number 5 – Developing the Skills (2) – Delegating, Appraising, Public Speaking, Counselling – in Harare, Bulawayo, Masvingo – dates to be confirmed
  • Number 6 – Understanding Holistic Education – Academics, Sports, Culture, Spiritual – in Harare, Bulawayo and Masvingo – dates to be confirmed
  • Number 7 – Starting Out – Prioritising, Engaging, Learning, Planning – in Harare, Bulawayo and Masvingo – dates to be confirmed

There are also planned workshops to be held for the following groups of staff members:

  • Chaplains
  • PAs
  • Counsellors
  • Heads of Department
  • Housemasters
  • Librarians
  • Estate Managers
  • San Sisters

Further details of all these courses will be posted on this website and on school noticeboards.

In addition, we are looking into the possibility of some form of ATST Conference in 2017 for teachers.

Any queries or suggestions may be directed to the ATS office, admin@atschisz.co.zw

In addition, ATS encourages members of staff to consider the many courses offered by GATEWAY CHRISTIAN TRAINING COLLEGE – www.gctc.co.zw – e-mail: miriam@gatewayctc.co.zw
These include:

  • Christian Education WorkshopJAN
  • Robotics ForumJAN
  • Poetry WorkshopJAN
  • ICT – Using the Interactive Board CreativelyFeb
  • Checkpoint Maths ForumFeb
  • Developing 21st Century Skills in Pupils: Critical Thinking and Problem SolvingFeb
  • ECD Workshop – DramaFeb
  • Music Workshop 1 : Being an Effective Choir DirectorMar
  • Creativity Workshop: Creative WritingMar
  • Art WorkshopMar
  • English WorkshopMay
  • Christian Education WorkshopMay
  • Developing 21st Century Skills in Pupils: Interpersonal and Collaborative SkillsMay
  • Drama WorkshopMay
  • Classroom Management: Managing Children with Emotional & Behavioural Problemsmay
  • ICT – The Use of Blogs in TeachingJun
  • ECD Winter WorkshopJun
  • Art WorkshopJun
  • Inclusive Education: Strategies to deal with slow learners and low performersJul
  • Maths Workshop: enhancing mathematical learning in a technology rich environmentJul
  • Counsellors’ WorkshopAug